Spoon Baits

Posted on September 20, 2014

Finding the correct Spoon Baits can be an somewhat difficult task and even more so at the right price. Below are some finds that we found on eBay and Amazon to assist you get that lowest price available, These web sites are two of the most trusted resources on the web for finding Spoon Baits.

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Comments about Spoon Baits around the Web

Georgianne wrote:

Got my Dardevle 13-16 1/8 OZ Lil'Devle Red White Bass Fishing Casting Trolling Spoon some time ago and am totally pleased that I got it.
Dean wrote:
Just yesterday my son-in-law bought my Dardevle 8-64 3/16 OZ Dardevle Mid Ham Coppr Fishing Casting Trolling Spoon on Amazon.
Prince wrote:
Got my Acme Fishing Lure C-140/NCS Little Cleo Spoon 1/4 OZ Nickel/ Chartruese Strip hours ago and am really happy with the price.
Corrie Ickes wrote:
Got my Acme Fishing Spoon Lure S-303/MPR Phoebe 1/6 OZ Metallic Perch years ago and am really happy the transaction.
Edith Twitchell wrote:
Got my Acme Lure KT-25 Deluxe Kastmaster Ultra Light Trout & Panfish Spinning Kit months ago and am really happy with the price.
Rosario wrote:
Last week my son-in-law bought my Apex SP-KIT1 Gamefish Nickel-Plated Spoon Kit Bass/Pike/Musky/Walleye 5 Pack at a yard sale.
Christeen wrote:
Last week I found my Johnson 1057680 Johnson Silver Minnow 3.75" Silver Fishing Lure on eBay.
Kasie wrote:
Got my Jake's Lure SP_1/4_SILV Spin_1/4_Silv Fishing Jigging Spoon hours ago and am totally pleased the quality.
Dollie Tagle wrote:
Got my Mepps Fishing lure K6A Walleye Spinner /Spoon 6 Piece Kit Fishing Spinner some time ago and am totally pleased the purchase.
Abby wrote:
Last week my son picked up my Dardevle 8T-16 1/16 OZ Dardevle Mdgt Trout R/W Fishing Casting Trolling Spoon at a yard sale.
Vaughn wrote:
Got my Dardevle 902 1/4 OZ Dardevle Spni Black White Fishing Casting Trolling Spoon years ago and am totally pleased with it.
Georgianne wrote:
Just last week my kids bought my Vintage Fishing Spoon Lures 17pc set CY"S SPOONS OHIO RIVER FISH BAIT CO on Amazon.

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